Premium Patenation Oil
0.5 Litre Tin £11.67
1.0 Litre Tin £16.43
2.5 Litre Tin £41.00
Lead Sealant
1 x 310mm Tube £3.53
12 x 310mm Tubes £42.36
Fixing Strips/Clips
0.6mm Copper
50mm x 20m
0.4mm Stainless
50mm x 20m
Nails Copper Stainless
20mm £POA £POA
25mm £12.92 £POA
30mm £12.92 £POA
38mm £12.92 £POA
(Price per Kg)
Wood Core Roll
2.4m 50mm x 75 treated £POA
2.4m 50mm x 50mm £POA
Lead Cast Domes
Per set of 20 £49.90
Geotextile 25m x 1000mm £46.63
Building paper 25m x 1000mm £54.96
Flashing Clips
Hall Clips (pk of 50) £POA
Lead Expansion Joint
3.0 x 260mm code 5 £POA
3.5 x 400mm code 5 £POA
Lead Tools
Plastic dressers £10.00
Chase wedge £10.00
Setting in stick £10.00
Bossing stick £10.00
Bending stick £10.00

All prices are supply only and exclude VAT

Premium Patenation Oil Lead Sealant Fixing Strips/Clips Lead Nails Wood Core Rolls Lead Cast Domes Lead Underlay Lead Flashing Clips Lead Expansion Joint Lead Tools