Lead Thatchers Slates

Lead Thatchers Slate Lead Thatchers Slate

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Lead Thatchers Slates

Price from £51.50

Hearn and Sons Thatchers slates are made from code 4 lead sheet with a 5 degree tolerance either side of vertical upstand. Diameter of lead slates shown are the internal size of the pipe flashing. Your pipe can be up to 30mm smaller than diameter shown.

Suitable for thatched roofs and ideal for flashing flue pipes and vent pipes etc. 600 x 600 base for thatch. With extended upstand to allow for the thickness of thatch.

We can fabricate any size.

Size not listed below, please just ask:

Size (mm) Price from (£)
75 51.50
115 60.50
150 68.50
165 74.50
180 87.50
200 104.50
220 120.50
250 132.50
280 146.50
300 160.50
400 325.00

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