Lead Front Half Apron

Lead Front Half Apron

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Lead Front Half Apron

Price from £47.50

Hearn and Sons make and supply chimney flashing to suit any chimney and orientation.

Half aprons can be fitted together (one L/H and one R/H, over lapped) to suit any size of chimney or to replace flashings to only one side of the chimney. All are made from code 4/5 Lead unless otherwise specified.

We can fabricate any size

Size not listed below, please just ask:

Specification: 150mm upstand to chimney, 150mm down the roof.

Size (mm) Price (£)
500 47.50
600 51.78
700 53.11
800 70.00
900 75.00
1000 82.50
1500 103.75

All prices are supply only and exclude VAT