DPC Chimney Tray

DPC Chimney Tray DPC Chimney Tray DPC Chimney Tray

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DPC Chimney Tray

Price from £79.13

Hearn and Sons can make and supply DPC chimney trays made from code 4/5 Lead, which are designed to prevent water penetration in to the building via the chimney stack.

New chimneys are built with 2 No trays fitted during construction. Trays are coated with 1 coat of bituminous paint.

Please note. All sizes are of the trays and not the chimney size. Tell us the exact size of your chimney and we will fabricate a DPC chimney tray to fit.

Size not listed below, please just ask:

Single Pot (mm) Price (£)
600x600 79.13
700x600 82.39
900x600 92.18
1100x600 115.29
1300x600 132.50
Double Pot (mm Price (£)
1000x700 142.50
1400x1000 198.75
Triple Pot (mm Price (£)
1800x800 TBC

All prices are supply only and exclude VAT